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Wizer is an easy to use platform that lets any teacher quickly and easily make beautiful, engaging online worksheets and interactive lessons. The intuitive interface makes it simple to add video, audio, images and a variety of question types to create compelling worksheets that will excite young learners.



Wizer worksheets are sent to students with just a few clicks. Simply copy & paste a unique worksheet URL and send via email or any other classroom management platforms such as Edmodo, Moodle or others. Wizer integrates directly with Google classroom for automatic assignment to students.



Gone are the days of carrying home reams of worksheets, homework and test papers and spending long hours grading. Wizer allows for automatic grading and feedback of students’ responses. Open questions that require a human touch can be quickly graded by teachers and all scores and responses are instantly saved and sent directly to students.


Share & Discover

Teachers are encouraged to share their beautiful worksheets with the community of Wizer teachers by publishing them in the public gallery. The gallery is a rich resource of all kinds of worksheets for every subject and grade level. Teachers can browse for inspiration and use worksheets they find in the gallery. Gallery worksheets can be copied and assigned as-is or altered and customized before distributing to students.


“Wizer is dedicated to building  easy, fun tools that amplify the experience, energy and creativity that every teacher brings to their classroom.”


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