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6 ways to use Wizer for formative and summative assessments

Spring is here and the last stretch of the school year has begun. Many teachers are busy preparing for end of year assessments. This is a great opportunity to use education technology to help motivate students to dig deeper and improve the skills and material they learned this year.

1. Review Worksheets

A great way to start off the assessment season is with an interactive review worksheet. Make a series of review worksheets that start of with a fun video that reviews each topic covered. Then add a few questions and exercises to improve recall and practice each particular skill. Keep review worksheets short and focused. It’s better to make several focused worksheets, that way students can work through them one by one and review specific material  that may be challenging for individual students.

Video is a great way to review subject matter. Search YouTube #Education, SchoolTube, TeacherTube and more. If you can’t find anything suitable, try making your own video by filming your yourself. If you are shy, just film your screen or electronic whiteboard with a voice over.

(Writing Exponential Functions, by ablyons via TeacherTube)

2. Practice Sets

After working through a review worksheet, students are ready to brush up on answering questions and solving problems. Develop a few review worksheets to refresh the material and sharpen skills. Practice setts should be short and focused so that students aren’t overwhelmed by the breadth of material they need to review. Let them tackle on piece at a time at their own pace. Practice worksheets will help both teacher and student understand where they need to focus their attention. You may also discover specific subject matter that is challenging for the entire class. You can then focus instruction time where it is most useful.

Teacher Tip: You can reuse Wizer practice sets by simply making a copy, then slightly altering the questions to give your students more practice.

3. Practice Tests & Final Exams

Nothing like a dress rehearsal to prepare you for opening night. Help your students build confidence before test day, by administering a practice test. Practice tests can be take-home or administered in class, just like the real exam.

Adding and subtracting decimals by Stephany Tiefenauer

Adding and Subtracting Decimals by Stephany Tienfenauer


Teacher Tip: Use the ‘student access’ feature in ‘Assign’, to open and close access to the practice test so that students will get used to completing the assignment in a specific amount of time. The student access feature is the digital version of ‘Pencils up, Pencils down.’

Student Access

4. Self Assessment and Self Evaluation

An important part of formative assessment is student self assessments. Now is the perfect time to send students a self-assessment worksheet. It can include a few summary review questions, each followed by self assessment questions that help the student understand what they have learned and what they should focus on in the time left until the final exam. The teacher can use the self assessment responses to form appropriate study groups within the class to best meet the needs of all students.

Sample Self-Evaluations Wizer



5. Take Home Exams

Wizer worksheets are perfect for take home exams. Student’s can complete and submit the exams from their home computer. The teacher can limit and monitor the amount of time students have to work on the exam by manually opening and closing access to the worksheet from the teacher account.

Furthermore, when the teacher review submitted responses, the amount of time each student spent on the worksheet appears at the top of the page. This is important feedback for the teacher.

6. Course Evaluations

At the end of each unit, course or semester you can create a feedback worksheet to ask students what they thought of the course and provide feedback. Feedback can then be easily reviewed by the teacher and exported to .csv file for submission to coaches and administrators.

download report button

Good luck on the home stretch. Summer is almost here!

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