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9 easy steps to get your digital resources ready for back to school

Summer vacation is the perfect time to dig into developing awesome educational resources to make back to school smooth and stress free. Wizer teachers recommend this simple steps to quickly build a rich resource of beautiful, engaging Wizers your students will love!

1. Register for Wizer

What? You haven’t yet registered for FREE! Now is the time to jump in and get started. Just go to and register for your free account.

Join Wizer

You can use your Google+ or Edmodo account

Sign up as a teacher

2. Search for Shared Wizers

The best part about Wizer is the community of awesome teachers who pour all their creativity into making awesome digital lessons, worksheets and assessments and then share them with each other. Start by browsing all the resources available on the public gallery. Click the categories on the left or use the search bar to find relevant materials.

Gallery of free resources

Find something you like? Click ‘Use’ to put a copy in your account.

Use and Love

Don’t forget to ‘love’ the worksheet and leave a comment to let the teacher-author know how much you appreciate their work.

3. Create your own Wizers

Click ‘Create’ to make your own Wizers. You can easily re-create your existing paper-based worksheets to make them more interactive and save you time grading. Create new resources that utilize video, audio and interactive images.

Add a Worksheet Task

Hint: Make your Wizer worksheets speak by adding a voice recording of you reading text, pronouncing vocabulary words or asking questions verbally. The audio recording feature is great for younger learners, language learners and students who require a read aloud accommodation.

Audio recording

4. Organize in Folders

The more Wizer worksheets you collect and create, you will need a good way of organizing them. Use the Wizer Folders to organize resources. You can add sub folders if desired.

Create New Folder

5. Invite Colleagues to Collaborate

Team up with trusted colleagues to develop resources together. Invite other teachers to collaborate and contribute to shared resource folders by clicking ‘Invite’ and entering their email.

Share Wizer Folder with teachers

6. Plan a Meetup, Hackathon or Wizer PD

There is nothing more fun that meeting up in person with other teachers to brainstorm and work together. Ask your technology and curriculum specialists to schedule a hackathon or Wizer PD with other teachers in your school or district who teach the same grades ans subjects for a jam session to create a shared resource of as many Wizer worksheets as you can create. How many Wizers can one teacher create in an hour? 4? Multiply that by 10 teachers and you get 40 Wizers in an hour!

7. Plan an Outline for Curriculum

The first thing you should do before digging into creating Wizer  is plan your outline. Whether you are working alone or collaborating with colleagues, its a good idea to map out the resources you want to create on Wizer. Wizers can be used to create any type of resource: Lessons, reviews, homework, practice sets, exit tickets, early finishers, formative assessments, summative assessment and course feedback.

8. Gather Resources

Chances are you already have an assortment of resources. Wizer is the perfect edtech tool for pulling all those fragmented resources together. For example, videos are a great way to engage students in subject matter, but sometimes watching a video is too passive and you want to engage students and make them responsible for learning the material presented. Consider making the videos into a Wizer worksheets. start by adding a link at the beginning of the video. Then add a series of questions and exercises based off the material presented in the video.

Images are also wonderful for Wizer worksheets. Simply upload them with the Image widget. To make images interactive, upload using the’Fill on an Image’ widget and add hotspots. Student responses will be automatically checked.

9. Sharing is Caring

You enjoyed all the shared resources on the Wizer gallery. Now it’s time to give back to the community (and show off!). Set ‘Publish to gallery’ to ‘Yes’. Click to Pin to Pinterest or share on Twitter and Facebook. The good karma will soon start flowing your way!

Publish worksheet and share

 How are you going to use Wizer to collaborate to prep for back to school?

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