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Back to School Worksheet Updates

We know you teachers have been busy this summer revising curriculae and coming up with creative new classroom ideas. We at Wizer have been working away improving activities available in the worksheet builder.




A 1000 ways to engage students

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we added images to the Matching and Table question tools. Just click the red ‘+’ button to open the media uploading options and add your image directly from your computer into the question. Start adding images to keep your students engaged in thousands of ways.

Add media




Matching Spanish practice with images


Make questions speak!

That’s right, just click the microphone icon from the ‘+’ button to upload an audio file or record your own voice. Read the text aloud, pronounce new words, make a practice spelling test or ask questions. Great for students who need auditory help reading texts, young readers, ESL or World Language instruction.

record audio

And that’s not all. We’ve improved the table question to make it a whole lot more useful and practical for teachers. It now has a full auto-check option, to save you valuable time checking students’ answers as well as enable better collaboration with colleagues. By default anything you put in a cell is considered as a question instructions, which means it is visible to students and non-editable (check the preview mode to see how the table will appear to students).


auto-check, images & audio

If you want to put in the correct answer for auto-check, simply click on the cell to switch its Q/A mode – the indicator will change from orange to green or vice versa.

Answer - not visible to student Question - visible to student





Word bank

No fill-in-a-table exercise is complete without a word bank option, right? Right! So we’ve created it. Just select the word bank option under ‘Answer type’ and we’ll automatically create a word bank from all the answers you put in the table, may it be text, images or voice.

word bank - images and audio


We’ve created a new fun worksheet to practice some Spanish. Try it out here.

Give the new improved Matching and Table questions a try in your next worksheets and send us your feedback. Love it? meh? Something’s still missing? We’re listening!

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