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How to find and use FREE Wizer worksheets

Sometimes you know exactly what kind of worksheet you want to make. You have a clear vision in your mind and just need to login to Wizer to make it come to life.

Other times, you are looking for inspiration.

Luckily you are part of a community of over 1000 8000(and growing!) Wizer teachers from schools around the world and many of them publish their worksheets in the gallery.

Finding an inspiring worksheet is easy to do.

1) Go to

2) Browse categories

Worksheet Categories

3) Click on subject

Click on the subject of interest and browse the worksheets.

Click on any image to see the entire worksheet.

Click ‘Use’ or ‘Use worksheet’ to copy to your account for use as-is or further editing.

You can also choose ‘share’ to share the worksheet with colleagues via email or social media. If you see a worksheet you like share the love and let other teachers know!

Use or share  a free worksheet

4) Show some love

Scroll to the bottom of the original worksheet to leave the teacher a comment and click the heart icon.

comment and like worksheet

 6) Edit (optional)

After you click ‘use worksheet’ a copy of the worksheet will be in your Wizer editor.

You can use it as-is and assign it to students or edit it to make changes and adjustments to suit your students.


7) Assign to students

When you are ready to send the worksheets to your students, click ‘Assign to students’.

Enter the name of your class. For example “1st period biology’. If you want to assign the same worksheet to several classes, enter a separate class name for each and make sure to send each class the distinct link next to the class name. This will make it easy for you to manage grading the worksheets and keep everything orderly.

Assign worksheet to students

Assign worksheet to classes

That’s it!

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to find wonderful, free blended learning worksheets, make sure to leave comments and publish your own worksheets with the community of Wizer teachers.



2 thoughts on “How to find and use FREE Wizer worksheets

  1. I’m a tech ed teacher in need of some worksheets related to technology, engineering, building stuff, for middle school students.

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