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How to grade worksheets and give feedback

Now that you’ve made a beautiful Wizer worksheet and assigned it to your students, its time for the last step: grading and giving feedback. You don’t need to carry around reams of worksheets or use a beloved colored pen. Just login to your Wizer account to quickly grade your classes’ worksheets.

1) Login to

2) Click My Worksheets

My Worksheets leads you to a gallery of all the worksheets you have made or used.

Click on the worksheet you want to grade.


3) Click Answers

This opens the assessment tool for grading and feedback.

 4) Select the class and student

Note that the selected student’s name appears in teal highlight on the right and her name appears at the top of the answers page. The students answers appear in the body of the worksheet.


Student responses


5) Review and mark answers

Review and mark each question with a green check or a red X. You can add a heart for special effort or encouragement. Most question types will already have automatic scores, so it takes just seconds to review the marking. Open questions require a human touch, so they will be unmarked at first.

grading responses


6) Add personal feedback

Write a personal note and additional feedback in this dialog box located at the bottom of the worksheet. The text you enter here will appear at the top of the student’s worksheet page the next time they login to Wizer.

personal feedback

7) Save and send feedback

Finally, save and send your feedback. The moment you click send feedback, the student will be able to view it.

Save and send feedback to students

8) Students receive feedback

Students will automatically receive feedback within their original student worksheet. All they have to do is click the worksheet link you sent them when you assigned it and login. The grading and feedback appears like this.

Student view feedback

 9) Download student responses and grades report

All student responses and grades will be  saved in your Wizer account. If you would like to export grades to .CSV file you just click on the ‘Download report’ button at the top of the page.

download report button


Next you select which report type you would like and export the file.

Download student answers box

That’s it! Now you’re ready to build more beautiful, engaging worksheets.

4 thoughts on “How to grade worksheets and give feedback

    1. Hi Mary, in most question types, you can overwrite the automatic checking by clicking on the student’s answer. It will change the color of the text or frame from red (=wrong) to green (=correct). You can see the marking will be changed accordingly.

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